Level 1 Language Arts Course Set


There is free homeschool curriculum out there, but nothing like this! We offer free course sets (Levels 1–5) that combine and thoroughly cover phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography—all in one easy-to-use, beautiful course.

Course Book, Reader, Mini Books, Phonics Cards
  • Emphasizes faith, family, nature, and high moral character
  • Non-denominational Christian worldview
  • Uses wholesome, clean literature
  • Academically strong
  • Used by hundreds of thousands of children

Why do we offer this high-quality, thorough and complete curriculum for FREE?

Our goal is to bring goodness and beauty into as many homes as possible. We know that you carefully make curriculum decisions and budget for your homeschool. We want to help you to easily see the goodness and beauty within our curriculum and try it out with your child before making this important decision.

This academically sound, full year of instruction, is worth over $100. We price all of our curriculum low so that more families can afford to homeschool. The value of our curriculum is not reflected in the price, rather the price is a reflection of our values and purpose.

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