What Makes Our History Curriculum Unique

  • An emphasis on God and character
  • Family style lessons for Grades 1–12 which require very little prep time
  • Upper-grade level lesson extensions
  • Interactive, varied lessons include dramatizations, literature, and board games
  • Two lessons a week get you through one course each year (60 lessons total)

The Whole Sweep of History Every Year

All history courses (Years 1–4) cover ancient history through modern history, but each course stops in different places and time periods to explore in depth. Our testing has shown that it is effective for children to see the whole sweep of history and how it fits together each year. In addition, children enjoy this approach as they can become disengaged when a year-long course focuses on the same time period, especially when learning ancient history.

Christian Worldview

Read about our general Christian worldview that does not contain doctrine specific to any Christian denomination.
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