Creative Arts & Crafts

Creative Arts & Crafts Notebook (PDF)




This notebook is perfectly aligned with our mission to make homeschooling more effective and less overwhelming. You don’t need to spend precious hours searching the internet for the perfect crafts and hoping that they work; we’ve done all the work for you, so you can spend that time with things that matter most. While this notebook is specially designed for children in Grades K–3, it is likely to appeal to older students as well.

Twenty-seven fun, creative projects will keep your children engaged in good things. Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions guide children through watercolor projects, pastel pictures, nature crafts, and much more.

Some of the projects include:

Sunflower Watercolor  •  Changing Trees  •  Yarn Pumpkins  •  Bird Feeder Ornaments  •  Nature Crowns  •  Kaleidoscope Rocks  •  Colorful Grid Landscape  •  Galaxy Watercolor  •  Beaded Corn on the Cob  •  Craft Stick Bracelet  •  Lined Landscaping  •  Moon Forest  •  Peacock Prints  •  Cork Sailboats